The whole point of Zero Pain Now is to enable you to eliminate months, years or decades of chronic pain quickly, easily & permanently.

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There are several different ways of doing this.  There is an affordable option for just about everybody.

All of the Programs are based on Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now Process

All of the programs listed below give excellent results if followed as directed.

All of the programs listed below are non-invasive, conservative, alternative and involve no physical treatments whatsoever.

I offer several different program levels depending on what you feel is right for you. With all of the programs I use Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now Process. This is a tried and true process with an amazing track record. Thousands of people have gone through the program successfully and become completely free of long lasting, debilitating pain! 

  • The Private Program

    The most reliable and efficient way to eliminate your pain – 98.4% success rate – most clients eliminate their pain in 1-4 weeks – life time guarantee – work one on one with a certified Zero Pain Now Practitioner until your pain is completely gone.

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  • The Advanced Virtual Session  Program

    A home study program that simulates working one on one with a Zero Pain Now Practitioner – Less expensive than the Private Program but also very reliable results – includes everything you need to eliminate your pain – email support from a Zero Pain Now Practitioner until you are completely pain-free.

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  • The Rapid Results Program

    A scaled down and less expensive home study program – also effective for a lot of clients but does not simulate the full Private Program experience – good for clients who are very good at learning and doing self-help on there own – includes as needed support by email.

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  • The Zero Pain Now Book alone

    Some people prefer to start by reading the Zero Pain Now book on their own – some people are able to completely eliminate their pain just by reading the book at doing the mental/emotional exercises taught in the book – a good option for someone who’s very motivated to do Zero Pain Now on their own by reading a book  or for someone who just wants a taste of what zpn is about before spending more money.

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How Do You Want To Get Rid Of Your Pain?

Comparison of All 3  Programs

Features Private Program Advanced Virtual Session Rapid Results Program
ZPN Book
ZPN e-Book
ZPN Workbook
ZPN e-Workbook
ZPN audiobook
ZPN Companion DVD
ZPN Session DVD Live with Dr. A.
ZPN Virtual Process DVD Live with Dr. A.
5 week online course
Daily Videos
Weekly Videos
Daily email support
Live Breakthrough Session with Dr. A
Lifetime Guarantee
Daily Calls with Dr. A

Choose the Zero Pain Now Program that’s right for you

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