The Difference Between Zero Pain Now and “Pain Management”

There are many different ways that people manage their chronic pain.  They take medicines, maybe intermittent pain injections.  Some people do exercises that aware supposed to be designed to minimize their discomfort.  Some people go to chiropractors. Some people have pain reduction rituals like stretching before and after exercising or putting a heat bad on before exercise and a cold pack after exercise.  But the common there is ongoing Pain individualized program that’s meant to minimize pain and discomfort.

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The problem with pain management is that it is ongoing…it doesn’t end!

You keep managing your pain and discomfort month after month, year after year and possibly decade after decade but you’re  never able to completely solve the problem and get rid of  the pain once and for all.

That’s where Zero Pain Now is completely’s NOT pain management; it’s pain elimination

Zero Pain Now eliminates pain completely once and for all.  No more managing your pain…just get rid of it.  Zero Pain Now can do this because it’s the only type of pain relief program that addresses the root cause of most forms of chronic physical pain – specifically, stress, tension and buried/repressed uncomfortable emotions. Pain management techniques don’t address the true root cause of the pain…they just treat symptoms and localized tissue irritation.This is why all pain management techniques can only give partial/temporary results.  They can’t solve the problem completely.  I’m sure this has been your experience with many pain management modalities.


Stop managing your pain NOW – eliminate it instead

Not all forms of chronic pain can be eliminated completely but the vast majority can be.

If you’re ready to eliminate your pain once and for all then take The Pain Test questionnaire to find out of Zero Pain Now will work for you. Hopefully you’re one of the lucky ones who can eliminate their chronic pain instead of managing it.

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