What Is The Number One Cause of Chronic Pain?

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Perhaps you’re thinking it’s arthritis. Or cancer.  Or neurological disorders. I bet it’s not something you’d think of! There are many causes of chronic pain.  Just a few examples of what can cause chronic pain include infections, severe injuries, cancer, autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis and gout.  When you add up all the cases of chronic pain caused by all the different forms of chronic pain it comes out to a lot.

But there is one cause of chronic pain that I haven’t mentioned yet that I am certain causes way more cases of chronic pain than all the other causes combined.  Again, it may not be what you’d guess.  It’s actually EMOTIONS.  Yes, I said emotions.  Specifically, negative (uncomfortable) emotions like stress, tension, anger, rage, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt and others.

In our western society, we are not taught how to properly process these uncomfortable emotions so we tend to hold on to them and bury them in our subconscious minds.  When enough of these toxic emotions build up they eventually manifest as physical symptoms, especially chronic physical pain.

And I believe that this is the most common/prevalent cause of chronic pain because all of the following chronic pain diagnoses that are typically blamed on physical abnormalities are in reality almost always caused by buried uncomfortable negative emotions.  Look at all of them!

Low Back Pain          Upper Back Pain          Chronic Whiplash and Neck Pain

Back & Neck Pain blamed on herniated discs, bulging discs, spinal stenosis

Pain blamed on Osteoarthritis of the Spine

Chronic Tendinitis          Fibromyalgia        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

TMJ Pain          Migraine Headaches          Tension Headaches 

Plantar Fasciitis   Rotator Cuff Pain           Others

And the proof that this is true is that all of these chronic pain syndromes can be eliminated quickly and easily by just learning how to process those buried negative emotions…get in touch with the emotions and the pain goes away and stays away.

For more information about how negative unresolved emotions have led to an epidemic of chronic physical pain go to my website (link below).  If you’d like to speak with me directly if you think you may be suffering from pain relating to emotions you’ll find my phone number and a contact form on my website.

Here’s to your freedom from pain!

Michael Amendolara, MD (Dr. Mike)

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