Chronic Back Pain Elimination and Other Success Stories

Why Zero Pain Now? The answer is simple…we want you to end your pain and stay pain-free forwever

Dr. Amendolara Uses Adam Heller’s Zero Pain Now Process to help people eliminate their chronic pain once and for all.   It’s especially effective for chronic back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia and many other forms of chronic pain.  The people in these success stories have eliminated their pain completely so they no longer require any  pain treatments. There are thousands of dramatic success stories…Here are a few of them.

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Jen’s Success Story

The most amazing Zero Pain Now Success Story I’ve heard so far!

Jen’s Success Story – Brief Version (1 min. 42 seconds)

Jen’s Success Story – Full Version (about 17 minutes)

Jen suffered from pain for about 35 years.  It was severe but intermittent at first but over time it got worse and worse.  She was diagnosed with multiple herniated discs in the spine, severe spinal arthritis and spinal stenosis, muscle spasms and multiple sclerosis. 6 years ago she became unable to go up or down stairs because of the pain and before starting the Zero Pain Now program she was 100% wheelchair bound and was completely unable to stand or walk.  She couldn’t function on her own and was seriously considering moving to a nursing home.  Then she started the Zero Pain Now program.  That was only 2 1/2 weeks prior to this interview. No she is no longer wheel chair bound.  She is standing, walking, doing stairs, walking 1-2 miles per day and going to the gym.  And her pain is gone!  Her recommendation to others suffering from chronic pain is this: 

“Do Zero Pain Now – get your life back! What have you got to lose but your pain?! Go for it – OMG – You can be on the road to being pain free like me”


Dr. Mike’s Client Vince Eliminates 27 Years of Severe Low Back Pain in 4 weeks with the Zero Pain Now Process!

Here’s a Testimony/Success Story from one of my Zero Pain Now Clients.  He eliminated 27 years of Back Pain in 4 years and got his life back!

Vince suffered from severe Low Back Pain for 27 years! His pain level was 7-10 out of 10 all the time.  It was severely limiting his life.  He had to quit his job eventually because of the pain. He had to give up all sports and physical activities including things like golf, tennis, softball, working in the garden and many others. He felt very isolated socially because all his relationships had revolved around playing sports. He felt depressed because o the pain and his inability to do the things most important to him.

Vince was diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spondylolisthesis, sciatica, spinal stenosis and, of course, a herniated disc.

Vince tried everything for the pain without success. He tried pain meds/anti-inflammatory meds, physical therapy, exercises, electro stimulation , ultrasound, acupuncture and myofascial release with only minimal temporary results,  His doctor recommended surgery but he decided not to go that route.

Then, Vince met Dr. Mike Amendolara and decided to give the Zero Pain Now Program a try.  He went through the holistic, alternative program that involved no physical treatments for his back at all.  The program simply consisted of learning some information about how stress, tension and unprocessed uncomfortable emotions lead to physical pain and learning some simple but powerful mental/emotional techniques to get in touch with the emotions causing the pain.

Vince saw results within the first week of the program.  His pain decreased from 9-10 out of 10 to about 5-6 quickly. After 4 weeks of the program his pain level was down to a 1-2 consistently. Shortly after that the pain was gone.  He also felt an increased sense of well-being overall.

Vince quickly returned to doing all the physical activities that he couldn’t do for 27 years.  He is playing sports again and doing everything that he avoided for so long — without pain!

Vince recently said “I just feel so much better about myself and my life. To be able to do the things I love without pain is a blessing.”

Vince completed his Zero Pain Now program with me 1 year ago.  I keep in touch with him regularly. He has been pain free for the past year and has no activity limitations and needs no pain management modalities whatsoever.  He got his life back!

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Dr. Amendolara’s patient Lisa A. eliminates years of chronic neck pain!

Lisa A. is a middle aged woman who had been suffering from chronic neck pain for 3 years.  For the 6 months before she saw Dr. Amendolara, her neck pain was moderate to severe all of the time. The pain was constant.   At times it was a 10/10 in severity.  She was having trouble functioning because of the pain.  Driving was difficult because she couldn’t turn her neck.  Reading was uncomfortable because her neck hurt no matter what position she was in.  She had great difficulty sleeping because there was no sleeping position that didn’t make her neck hurt.  She had to take sleeping pills every night just to get some sleep.  

She had been seen by multiple doctors, including specialists and also chiropractors.  She was diagnosed with severe nerve damage in the spine at her neck and arthritis of the neck.  She tried medications, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and spinal injections.  These all gave only a little temporary relief.  She was scheduled to try another spinal injection when she heard about Dr. Amendolara.

She canceled the injection and decided to see if Dr. Amendolara could help her.  Dr. Amendolara did an initial evaluation and determined that he could  help her.  He guided Lisa A. through a 28 day program where she learned that the true cause of her neck pain wasn’t nerve damage and arthritis of the spine.  She learned that the true cause of her pain had to do with stress and repressed emotions.  By day # 2 of the program, her neck pain decreased significantly.  By day # 4, her pain had decreased so much that she went to a yoga class and had a great time and hardly any neck discomfort.  For the previous 3 years, she couldn’t even think about doing something like that because of the pain.  Three weeks into the program her neck pain was almost entirely gone.  Then, in another couple of weeks it was gone completely!  

As of right now, Lisa states that she’s had no neck pain at all for 2 years and hasn’t even thought about her neck for the past 2 years!  She is able to exercise, do yoga, drive, sleep, read and do all activities with no neck pain at all! She is very glad that she did not have the facet block procedure that she had been scheduled for. She says that she is much happier, doesn’t even think about her neck anymore and she feels like a new person!

Marianne’s Success Story

Marianne had horrible back pain and spasms for a long time.  They wouldn’t go away despite chiropractic adjustments, seeing Back Doctors and taking pain medications.  Nothing helped.  She heard about the Zero Pain Now Program and did it and is now Pain Free.

Annee’s Success Story

Annee had Back Pain her entire life from the age of 13.  She was very limited in what she could do because of the pain.  She saw spinal orthopedists, chiropractors and general physicians but the pain persisted.  After she discovered the Zero Pain Now Program, she became completely pain free with no activity limitations.

Greg’s Success Story

Greg had excruciating Neck Pain for 3 months.  He was seeing a chiropractor twice per week for the entire 3 months  with no significant improvement.  He spoke with a Zero Pain Now Practitioner and within 1 hour his pain was gone.  He’s had no pain for at least 3 years now.

Emily’s Success Story

Emily suffered from severe pain in the back and neck for many years.  She came into the Zero Pain Now Process “not expecting miracles” but “I miracle is what I got”. Her pain decreased as soon as she started the program, and within 30 days she was 100% pain-free.

These Success Stories are TYPICAL of the Zero Pain Now client’s results…they’re not unique or unusual

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