How Does Zero Pain Now Help You Eliminate Your Pain?

When someone has Diversion Pain Syndrome (Physical Pain from Stress, Tension & Emotions) the key to eliminating the pain is learning to recognize the buried negative emotions that are causing the pain.

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This is surprisingly easy!

The Zero Pain Now Book or Program will teach you how to do this.  You’ll learn what you need to understand about how and why stress, tension and buried or repressed negative (uncomfortable) emotions lead to pain and then you’ll learn some simple but powerful mental and emotional exercises that allow you to process stress so it won’t lead to physical  pain and to recognize the repressed/buried emotions that are causing the physical pain. Once you do this, the pain goes away.  It can happen suddenly or gradually but most people eliminate their pain completely in 1 – 4 weeks.  A small percentage take a bit longer. 

If you do a Zero Pain Now Program, you’ll be told exactly what to do each day to let you process stress and the repressed emotions.  You won’t have to wonder how to do it. It’s a step by step guided process.  If you elect to read the Zero Pain Now book without doing a program it will still tell you what mental/emotional exercises to do daily to get in touch with the emotions that are causing the pain. Again, no guess work as to exactly what you should be doing. 


Typical Results of the Zero Pain Now Program Private Program  

  • In properly screened clients who work with a Zero Pain Now Practitioner, the success rate is 97.4%!
  • Clients eliminate their pain completely and permanently in 1-4 weeks usually. A small percentage of clients take a bit longer
  • Clients resume full activity and exercise with no to minimal pain and have absolutely no restrictions on their activities from pain
  • No need for any ongoing pain management treatments of any kind
  • You get your life back!

How to Know if Zero Pain Now is right for you

Zero Pain Now works for most but not all types of chronic physical pain.  The following steps will let you know with a high degree of certainty whether or not Zero Pain Now will work for you:

  1. If your pain syndrome/diagnosis is on this list it’s very likely that Zero Pain Now will work for you:
Chronic Low Back Pain Fibromyalgia
Sciatica Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
Bulging Discs Rotator Cuff Tears
Herniated Discs Tennis Elbow
Spinal Stenosis Golfer’s Elbow
Spinal Osteoarthritis Achilles Tendonitis
Chronic Neck Pain Other forms of tendonitis
Chronic Whiplash Tension Headaches
Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spurs) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
TMJ issues Neuropathy
Migraine Headaches Knee Meniscus Tear
Scoliosis Other Joint Pains
Chronic Upper Back Pain Other Chronic Body Pain
Old Sports Injury Chronic Muscle Knots

2.  Take The Pain Test – This is a brief questionnaire designed to let you know if it’s very likely, likely or unlikely that Zero Pain Now will work for you. You’ll answer 10 questions and then you’ll get a score from 0-50 at the end. You’ll see a table at the end that will tell you what your score means.

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   3.   If there’s still any doubt or if you’d like to considering doing the Private One on One Program with Dr. Mike Amendolara then contact Dr. Mike to schedule your FREE initial consultation by telephone or Skype.  Keep in mind that Dr. Mike can work with you no matter in the world you are located (by telephone and Skype).

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