Stress Illness Evaluations

Stress & Tension and buried emotions can cause almost any physical symptom and can mimic almost any medical condition.  When it causes chronic physical/musculoskeletal pain, like back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions mentioned on the first page of this website, then the clear choice to eliminate that pain is the Zero Pain Now approach (see Programs Page).

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However, when the symptoms are a different type of pain, like abdominal pain or pelvic pain or chest pain, then a Stress Illness Evaluation approach works best.  Or, when the problems don’t involve pain but rather involve other symptoms like diarrhea or shortness of breath or dizziness… this is also where the Stress Illness Evaluation usually helps solve the problem


Who would benefit from this type of Stress Illness Evaluation?

To be a candidate for a stress illness evaluation the following criteria must ALL be met:

  • You must have symptoms for at least 3 months – continuously or intermittently 
  • You must have had a very thorough and exhaustive work up by a primary care provider and by specialists
  • It must be a situation where your clinicians have “done every test they felt they should do” and still have don’t know what is causing your symptoms
  • You must be opened to the possibility that stress could be causing your symptoms…you don’t have to be certain of this…just open
  • You have to understand that Dr. Amendolara will not be ordering any tests or medical workups or prescribing medicines…that’s what your other doctors are for.  Dr. Amendolara will simply use his experience and expertise to uncover any stresses that may be causing your symptoms and teach you how to reduce and eliminate this stress.

Please understand that evaluating symptoms for a stress illness cause is not an exact science.  I can not guarantee ahead of time that your symptoms are definitely coming from stress.  If you meet the criteria above it’s very likely that they are and that you’ll have excellent results with a stress illness evaluation but I cannot make any guarantees ahead of time about a particular case.

What does a stress illness evaluation involve?

If you meet the criteria for a Stress Illness Evaluation and decide
to go ahead
with it, the following will happen:

  • I’ll need a letter from your primary physician stating that they have done a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and that they are confident that there is no obvious physical cause for the symptoms and that they have ruled out anything urgent or very serious
  • You’ll need to sign a disclosure stating that you understand that I am not acting as your physician in terms of any physical testing or workup
  • We’ll schedule an appointment for a 2-3 hour session either in person or by Skype during which I’ll do a very through stress history evaluation to determine what stress could be causing your symptoms
  • Based on the results of this evaluation I’ll make recommendations re how to decrease and eliminate the stresses that seem to be causing the symptoms
  • You’ll use the stress reduction techniques and look for results
  • Results can come very fast or can take weeks or a few months in some cases – depending on the type of stress causing the symptoms
  • I might recommend that you see a therapist – not everyone needs to but some people do benefit from talk therapy along with my recommendations.


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