Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Sessions Use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Techniques To Help People Make Any Life Changes at Warp Speed!

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Rapid Life Change Sessions are extremely powerful and will enable to the client to make very big changes extremely fast.  Many people are trained in NLP techniques but there are only about 10 practitioners in the world that know how to use the Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Session format to maximize the results of the NLP and to minimize the time needed to make big changes.  I’m very fortunate that my mentor, Adam Heller, is the creator of Rapid Life Change. So, when I needed help myself making a couple of big changes in my life I was able to have Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Sessions.


My Personal Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Session Results

I needed to quit smoking and I needed to stop overeating.  I had been smoking cigarettes for 12 years and was up to 2 packs per day and was chain smoking.  I hated it! On some level I enjoyed smoking but I hated the fact that I had no control over it and I knew it was destroying my health and I was sick and tired of smelling like an ashtray. I was mortified whenever a patient would say “You smoke, don’t you” because they could smell it.

I tried everything – cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, prescription meds, hypnosis, therapy, vaping – nothing worked for me.  I just couldn’t stop smoking no matter what I did.  Then I had the Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Session. It took less than 2 hours and when it was over I was convinced I was now an ex-smoker.  I smoked 1 cigarette per day for a few days and then stopped completely.

I have not smoked for almost a year and a half now. And, most amazingly, I have no desire to smoke and feel no temptation whatsoever!  Now I’m an ex-smoker and I will never smoke again.  That’s how powerful these sessions are.

I also had a session to help me with my overeating.  I was having a lot of trouble getting motivated to lose weight. The session took 1 1/2 hours.  That was 8 months ago. I’m now very motivated to lose weight and have lost 40 pounds so far. I have another 60 pounds to go to reach my goal but now eating healthy and losing weight is so much easier for me than it was before.

You too can get amazing results like this!

Here are just some of the  most common problems that can be solved with NLP and a Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Session

Smoking Overeating Insecurities
Addictions (any) Prolonged Grieving Procrastination
Fears Any Phobia Fear of Flying
Claustrophobia Fear of Needles Lack of Motivation
Lack of Success in Life Compulsions OCD
Anxiety Depression PTSD
Performance Anxiety Social Anxiety Compulsions
Unhelpful Beliefs Job Issues Job Finding Issues
Identity Issues Ambivalence Communication Issues
Conflict Issues Not attaining goals Any problem


How The Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Session Works

  1. Contact me (see bottom of page for ways to contact me) to schedule your free, no commitment, Initial Consultation by telephone or videoconferencing app like Skype – we’ll talk for about 20 minutes about your main problem and I’ll let you know if I can help you.  I can’t think of a problem I couldn’t help you with but I do the consultation just to be sure and to discuss price.
  2. Pre-session tasks for 2 weeks – if you decide to go ahead with the session, there will be a little bit of paperwork to fill out and then I’ll assign you’re pre-session tasks.  These tasks are vital to the success of the session.  They’re relatively easy.  For instance, if you want to quit smoking I may have you keep a journal for 2 weeks of what you’re thinking and feeling each time you light up a cigarette.
  3. The Session – about 2 weeks after you start your pre-session tasks we will do the Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Session by Skype or other video conferencing software.  It works great that way.  We’ll do a 5 hour session with a half hour break about 1/2 way through.  I’ll take you through multiple NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques which are designed to solve your problem.  This are simple but powerful mental/emotional techniques, for example, guided imagery techniques. By the end of the session, you will know that your problem has been solved.
  4. Post-session followup – I will follow up with you regularly after the session for as long as needed (at no extra charge) to make sure that your problem has indeed been solved.  Occasionally we might need to do an extra hour or two session to solidify the changes.  That varies from person to person but it’s all included in the original cost of the session.  I will continue to work with you regarding your main problem until you’re sure it’s been solved.  If you want help with a different problem then that would be charged as a separate session but I always give existing clients a decent discount.

What to Do Next

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