Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About The Zero Pain Now Program

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  • Is Zero Pain Now just pain management? No.  ZPN is not pain management.  It’s pain a process that eliminates pain. There are many forms of pain management but what they all have in common is that they allow you to continue to manage your pain but they don’t eliminate the pain because they only treat the symptoms, not the root cause of the pain. On the other hand, Zero Pain Now does address the root cause of the pain and eliminates the pain completely and permanently.
  • How can ZPN help me when I have a real physical/structural cause for my pain? The vast majority ion chronic pain syndromes that are blamed on structural abnormalities are actually caused by stress, tension & uncomfortable emotions. It turns out that the structural abnormalities are usually just benign age-related changes that rarely actually cause pain.
  • You say the real cause of my chronic pain is emotional. But I remember hurting myself. Almost everyone who comes to ZPN with pain believes that their pain started with an injury but 97.4% of these clients are able to eliminate their pain completely without any physical treatments for the supposed injury. So, it could not have been an injury that was the cause of the pain.
  • How can stress & emotions cause physical pain? Stress, tension & buried uncomfortable emotions change how the brain functions which leads to decreased blood flow to certain parts of the body. This decreases the oxygen level to the muscles, nerves and other body tissues. This causes the pain.
  • So many physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors etc…believe the cause of the pain is structural. Isn’t it unlikely that you’re right and they’re all wrong? Today’s health care professionals are taught that structural abnormalities are almost always the cause of pain. This is not true of most chronic pain but health care providers have been taught this for the past century. It takes time to change these long standing beliefs.
  • What’s the success rate of zpn? With private clients the current success rate is 97.4%
  • Why would I need another pain management program when I already have a pain management specialist?  ZPN is different. It’s not pain management. You’ve been managing your pain long enough. ZPN allows you to eliminate the pain completely once and for all.
  • I’ve already had surgery – zpn can’t work for me, right?  Actually, many people who’ve had unsuccessful surgery for chronic pain have eliminated their pain completely with ZPN.
  • How many people have successfully done ZPN so far?  More than 1100.
  • Is zpn a placebo?  No. There is nothing wrong with placebo but it doesn’t tend to give permanent results in chronic pain situations. Also, placebo effect is based on blind faith…ZPN is based on knowledge and understanding.


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