Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Chronic Pain

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  • What is the most common cause of chronic physical pain? The most common cause of chronic physical pain is actually stress, tension and unrecognized negative (uncomfortable) emotions that cause a change in the way the brain functions which leads to changes in the physical body which lead to pain and other physical symptoms.
  • How can my pain be caused by stress and emotions? I remember hurting myself.Most people who suffer from chronic pain recall that it started with some sort of injury. However, these same people are able to eliminate their pain with a program that does nothing to treat physical injuries so the injury could not have been the actual cause of the pain.
  • If stress, tension and emotions cause lots of chronic pain why don’t more doctors and other health care providers know this? Doctors & other health care providers are people. And people, in general, tend to take quite a while to accept new concepts..especially when the new concepts contradict what they have been taught and have believed for years or decades.  Also, these ideas are not yet taught in medical school or in schools for most other types of health providers.
  • Do herniated discs cause chronic pain? Rarely.  The latest and most accurate studies and experience show that herniated discs only cause chronic pain about 3% of the time. That means that if you’ve been told a herniated disc is causing your chronic back or neck pain there is a 97% that that isn incorrect.
  • If the root cause of my pain is stress & emotions then what specifically is causing my physical body to hurt? The emotions cause changes in the brain which activate the autonomic nervous system which causes decreased blood flow to certain parts of the body. Blood caries oxygen so decreased blood flow equals decreased oxygen getting to the body tissues.  It’s this mild oxygen deprivation which causes the pain, numbness, tingling, burning, muscle tightness & weakness.
  • What is the cause of fibromyalgia? My doctor says no one know yet.  Actually, we do know what causes fibromyalgia. It’s stress, tension and unrecognized negative emotions. When these emotions are processed the pain and other fibromyalgia symptoms go away.
  • Can programs that address stress, tensions and emotions heal spinal stenosis? Good question.  Programs that address emotions do not heal spinal stenosis however they will eliminate the pain that was attributed to the spinal stenosis.  Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal caused by age related osteoarthritis of the spine and degenerative disc disease.  But it doesn’t usually cause pain.  The pain is actually caused by emotions.  So, to eliminate the pain you just have to address the emotions and usually there is no need to do anything to the spinal stenosis itself.
  • Is chronic whiplash really caused by Automobile Accidents? No.  Whiplash does occur from automobile accidents but the damage to the neck muscle fiber’s heals typically in 1-2 weeks.  Whiplash pain that persists for a long time is usually from stress and emotions and not actually from the original injury. 
  • How do you know that bulging discs don’t actually cause pain? We know because thousands of people who thought their back or neck pain was being caused by the bulging disc(s) have eliminated their pain completely just by focusing on their emotions without doing any physical treatments for the bulging disc(s).
  • I’m happy all the time and never feel sad or angry or any uncomfortable emotions. How can emotions be the cause of my pain? Some people repress (stuff inside) all of their negative (uncomfortable) emotions automatically. They’re not even aware that these emotions are there.  But they must be.  Both positive and negative emotions are a normal part of life.  Everyone experiences them.  You can’t go through life and never have negative emotions.  If you don’t experience them consciously, then that means that you’re repressing them and they are most likely the cause of your pain.


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