Free 10 Part Video Series:  

“Chronic Physical & Emotional Pain and How to Eliminate Them”

Dr. Mike talks about chronic physical and emotional pain and what causes them and how most forms of chronic physical and chronic emotional pain can be eliminated or drastically improved quickly & easily if you know the correct techniques.

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Video # 1 – Introduction to Chronic Physical and Emotional Pain

Dr. Mike talks about chronic physical pain and chronic emotional pain and how most forma of both can be eliminated or drastically improved quickly & easily

Video # 2 – What Isn’t Causing Your Pain

Dr. Mike talks specifically about chronic physical pain and the types of pain that can be eliminated quickly & easily no matter how long you’ve been suffering

Video # 3 -The Many Forms of Emotional Pain & Distress

Dr. Mike talks about emotional pain and distress and the many forms it takes

Video # 4 – Why Everything You’ve Tried So Far Hasn’t Eliminated Your Chronic Physical Pain

Dr. Mike discusses why all the different forms of treatment you’ve already tried (physical therapy, surgery, injections, chiropractic, etc…) haven’t worked for you.  There’s a specific reason the will make sense to you.

Video # 5 – The Best Way to Eliminate Chronic Physical Pain

Dr. Mike talks about what is absolutely the best way to eliminate most forms of chronic physical pain once and for all

Video # 6 – What Types of Chronic Physical Pain Can Be Eliminated 

Dr. Mike talks about the specific types of chronic physical pain that can be eliminated quickly and easily giving many specific examples.  

Video # 7 – How to Eliminate Emotional Pain Using NLP, RTB & RLC

Dr. Mike talks about how he uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), RTB (Rapid Timeline Breakthrough) and RLC (Rapid Life Change) to help people solve many different problems relating to chronic emotional pain and distress

Video # 8 – Using Zero Pain Now to Eliminate Chronic Physical Pain

Dr. Mike talks about using the Zero Pain Now Process to eliminate chronic physical pain.  In works in 97% of cases and typically eliminates months, years or decades of pain completely within 1-3 weeks or less

Video # 9 – Stress Illness – Physical Symptoms Coming From Stress

Dr. Mike talks about “Stress Illness” – chronic physical symptoms that are caused by chronic stress – and how the symptoms can be eliminated 

Video # 10 – Fibromyalgia – What Causes it and How to Get Rid of It

Dr. Mike talks about Fibromyalgia and the actual cause of it and how, when you understand this cause, you can eliminate chronic fibromyalgia permanently and completely

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