5 Secrets to Getting Free from Chronic Pain

by Michael Amendolara, MD

Hello. I’m Dr. Amendolara. I’m a medical doctor who specializes in Chronic Pain Relief.  Not Pain Management.  There’s a difference. With Pain Management, one continues to have pain either constantly or intermittently but manages it as best as possible perhaps with medications or chiropractic, pain injections and maybe even surgery.  But the pain doesn’t go away completely or permanently and you just do the best you can to put up with it and live with it.

What I do is different.  I help patients get completely free from pain once and for all even when they’ve been in pain for months, years or decades.  With many different chronic pain syndromes it is definitely possible to end the pain completely and permanently if the correct techniques are used.

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canstockphoto10052793So, let’s talk about how this works in the form of the 5 Secrets to Getting Free from Chronic Pain.

First of all, let me define what type of chronic pain I’m talking about. There are many forms of chronic pain and many different causes for the pain.  I’m talking about chronic musculoskeletal pain.  Some examples would be low back pain, neck pain, chronic whiplash, fibromyalgia, chronic tendonitis, chronic headaches and many more.  These are the types of chronic pain syndromes that can usually be eliminated quickly and completely no matter how long the pain has been persisting and no matter how many forms of treatment have failed previously.

So, the first secret is:  you must know what is NOT causing the pain.  In the case of the syndromes I mentioned above, they all have one thing in common: the pain is almost never caused by a physical or structural abnormality in the person’s body.  Let me give you an example that may surprise you.

In most cases, herniated discs do NOT cause chronic low back pain.  That’s right…they usually don’t cause chronic low back pain. That’s probably surprising to you but years of study, research and experience have shown that herniated discs only cause chronic low back pain about 3 % of the time.  97% of the time they are a red herring…something that you and most doctors are tempted to blame your pain on but something that leads you in the wrong direction.  

How do we know this is true? First of all there have been quite a few good medical studies that show that 66% of people with no history of back pain are walking around with bulging or herniated discs.  Lots of herniated and bulging discs but no pain.  And, an even more compelling reason – thousands of people with herniated discs have gotten completely free from back pain just by learning about the real cause of their pain and doing absolutely nothing to the herniated discs!

So, the first key to getting free from the kind of chronic pain we’re talking about is to understand that the cause is not a physical or structural abnormality in your body.  Examples of types of physical abnormalities that are often blamed for chronic pain include bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, spinal arthritis, partial rotator cuff tears and others.  It’s tempting to think that these are the cause of your pain because it makes logical sense but it just turns out not to be true about 97% of the time.

Secret # 2 is “what IS the cause of your pain”. If it’s not a physical abnormality then what is the cause? Well, it’s actually stress, tension and buried uncomfortable emotions. That’s right, the true cause of your chronic pain is usually psychological not physical. It doesn’t mean your crazy! It just means you’re normal because many many people in our society do not really know how to deal with stress, tension or negative, uncomfortable emotions.  So, we have a tendency to bury these emotions deep inside – in our subconscious minds. And having these buried emotions has an effect on the brain. It affects it’s function which, in turn, affects the body. This happens through the autonomic nervous system. (The automatic part of our central nervous system). It gets ramped up causing changes in blood flood leading to decreased oxygen getting to body tissues which leads to pain. 

The key paint is that the buried emotions are the true root cause of the physical pain. The pain is real and it’s really in your physical body. But the process doesn’t start in the physical body…it starts in the brain with these buried emotions.  The build up of these uncomfortable emotions in the subconscious mind can and often does lead to intense pain that lasts for months, years or even decades. 

So, what do we do about it? That’s secret number 3. The 3rd secret is what to do with these buried emotions. The secret is …focus on them. Focus on the stress, tension and especially the buried emotions. This will make sense in a moment.

Let’s first consider this.  The creation of physical pain from buried emotions is an example of a psychological defense mechanism. This is something our minds do to protect themselves from harm. Denial is an example of a defense mechanism. For example, if someone you care deeply about dies your first reaction might be denial…mentally acting as if the tragedy hasn’t occurred and not dealing with it. This protects your mind by allowing you to not have to deal with emotions that are too much for you to handle right now. 

It’s similar with chronic pain. Many of us have these buried emotions in our subconscious minds and our brains think that the emotions are too much for us to deal with. So our mind needs a strategy to prevent us from noticing these buried emotions. So, it creates a distraction to divert our attention from the buried emotions to something else – pain. If our attention is occupied by physical pain then we won’t be able to pay attention to the buried emotions and the brain gets exactly what it wants…a diversion to keep our attention away from the these uncomfortable buried emotions. 

So, the secret to ending the physical pain is to do exactly the opposite of what your mind wants…focus on the stress, tension and buried emotions. Pay attention to the emotions.  Take your attention away from the physical pain and away from the false physical explanations for the pain and put all your attention squarely on the actual cause of your pain – the stress, tension and especially buried emotions. This short-circuits the defense mechanism and makes it unnecessary.

Once your brain knows that you’ve recognized the buried emotions the jig is up. There’s no longer any need for a diversion because you’ve found the emotions your brain was trying to hide. When there’s no longer a need for a diversion then there’s no longer a need for the physical pain and the pain just goes away. It’s amazing to see this happen. The physical pain literally melts away and is gone.

So, how does one go about focusing on the buried emotions?  How do you do this? Well, this is what I do. I use the Zero Pain Now program and process to teach my patients how to focus on these buried emotions and make the pain go away. I can’t possibly put all of that in one article but I can teach you two simple but very powerful techniques to help you start focusing on emotions.  This is secret # 4…specific ways to focus on emotions.

The first one is this: make a list of everything that causes you stress, tension or negative emotions (anger, rage, fear, anxiety etc…) it could be something going on now or something that happened 40 years ago if it still bothers you. It could be something minor or a major stressor. Add as many things to the list as possible. When you think you’re done, think of some more. Most people can come up with a list of at least 50 items. 

After you’ve made the list, spend 15 minutes free writing about the things on the list…especially how you feel about them. Write quickly without censoring your self. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation or handwriting. Just let it flow as quickly as you can until you feel that you’re done. Do this every day for a week and notice any differences in your emotions and in your pain.

The second technique goes like this:  you can do this one on your own or with a friend. It  works either way but some people find it easier with a friend. Sit comfortably. Keep your eyes opened or closed…what ever feels most comfortable. Take a few deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth. Then, pay attention to these areas of your body – front of neck, chest & belly. People tend to feel buried emotions in a physical way in these areas. Notice any physical sensations you feel in these areas like a slight pressure or a tingling … Any sensation.

Continue to notice these sensations while you do the following;  Ask yourself (or your friend asks you) “right now what emotion am I feeling?” (or “right now what emotion are you feeling?”). Then answer out loud “I’m feeling _______” and say whatever emotion you’re feeling in that moment. Remember , it should be an emotion, not something like pain or sleepy. Then you or your friend say “good” and the repeat the same question and answer again with whatever emotion you’re feeling in that moment. Do this over & over again. Keep at this for 15 minutes. Do this daily for a week and notice changes in your emotions and your physical pain. 

So those are two ways to focus on the buried emotions and that is the key to ending your pain.

Now, some people can do the exercises that I just described and they quickly get rid of their pain and don’t need any further assistance. But other people need a little more help.

So, secret # 5 is how specifically zero pain now and I can help you with this process. I’m a certified Zero Pain Now practitioner. That means that in addition to being a physician I’ve also had special training to know how to help people eliminate their chronic pain. There are very few doctors in the US or even in the world who have the training to do this. Right now, I’m only aware of 3 other doctors in the world with this type of training and experience. 

So, I’m here to help you go through the zero pain now process to eliminate your chronic pain. It’s actually a very easy process. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. The Zero Pain Now process was designed by Adam Heller to be very accessible and straight forward so it’s very easy for anyone to use. 

There are different programs depending on your needs and what you feel is best for you.  All the programs are based on the Zero Pain Now book which contains all the information you need to learn to reverse the cycle of emotions leading to pain. They also include the Zero Pain Now workbook which tells you what exercises to do each day in order to get pain free. Each program includes one or more DVDs. All programs are 28 days long so what you learn has a chance to become a new habit. 

The most comprehensive program is called the Private One to One program. With this program, I’ll work very closely with you…we’ll talk by phone every day for the whole program and longer as needed. We’ll have daily email correspondence. And, you’ll have a 2 hour breakthrough session with me either in person or by Skype. 85% of people eliminate their pain completely during this breakthrough session. 

Another program I offer is the advanced virtual session. It’s the same as the private program but it’s less expensive, phone calls with me are a couple per week instead of daily and the breakthrough session is virtual on DVD with Adam Heller instead of being with me personally. But it’s extremely effective. This is the program I used myself to get rid of my pain. 

The third program is an independent study program that’s much less expensive and includes the Zero Pain Now book, workbook & one DVD.  There is no planned correspondence with me but you can definitely contact me for help as needed. 

If you’re not ready to sign up for a program you can purchase the book. I sell the Zero Pain Now book. It contains all the information you need to get free from pain. Some people get free from pain completely just by reading the book. For others, it’s a good intro to these concepts before considering a program. 

So, those are the 5 secrets to getting free from chronic pain. I hope you have found this information valuable. Please check out my website FreedomNowMD.com for more information and, when you’re at my website, definitely do the Pain Test…it will give you a good idea of if the Zero Pain Now techniques can help you. 

Here’s to your pain free life!

Michael Amendolara, MD

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