Take The Pain Test to Find Out if You Have the Kind of Chronic Pain That Can be Eliminated Once and for All

Many types of chronic pain have a lot to do with stress, tension and emotions.  We call that Diversion Pain Syndrome(DPS). If you have DPS then you can eliminate your pain once and for all quickly and easily.  The Pain Test is a brief questionnaire that will tell you how likely it is that your pain is coming from DPS.

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Just answer the 10 questions below.  Choose the most appropriate answer for each question. Notice that each answer has a number of points associated with it –  5 points or 3 points or zero points. As you answer each question please keep track of the number of points you’re getting so you get a total at the end – somewhere between 0 and 50. I’m working on automating this process but for now you’ll need to keep track of your score manually.  Once you have your total score look below the questionnaire for the explanation of your results.  If you plan to have a consultation with Dr. Amendolara make sure to make note of your score so you can tell him.

  1. Have you experienced pain, tingling, burning, numbness or weakness for more than 6 weeks or has discomfort returned to an old area of injury?
    • Yes – 5 Points
    • No – 0 Points
  2. Does your level or frequency of pain change during times of higher stress or emotion
    • Always/Almost always – 5 Points
    • Sometimes – 3 Points
    • Never – 0 Points
  3. Does your pain move around – even slightly?
    • Frequently – 5 Points
    • Sometimes – 3 Points
    • Never – 0 Points
  4. Are you very dependable, controlling, spiritual, do-gooder, perfectionistic, sensitive to criticism, people pleaser, compulsive or hard on yourself?
    • Four or more of these characteristics – 5 Points
    • One to three of these characteristics – 3 Points
    • None of these characteristics – 0 Points
  5. Do you have any history of Gastrointestinal or other tension related problems such as IBS, constipation, ulcer, gastritis, reflux, tension or migraine headaches, hives, eczema, or any other tension related issues?
    • 2 of more – 5 Points
    • 1 – 3 Points
    • 0 – 0 Points
  6. Have you tried and had limited, temporary or no success with other methods of curing your pain such as surgery, drugs, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, exercise, pain clinics etc.?

    1. 2 or more – 5 Points
    2. 1 – 3 Points
    3. 0 – 0 Points
  7. Do you find that applying heat or ice provides temporary relief?
    • Yes – 5 Points
    • No – 0 Points
  8. Do you find that exercise or movement of any kind temporarily reduces your level of discomfort?

    • Yes – 5 Points
    • No – 0 Points
  9. Does your level of pain or discomfort ever change when you are distracted or have a change in lifestyle such as a vacation?
    1. Always/Almost always – 5 Points
    2. Sometimes – 3 Points
    3. Never – 0 Points
  10. Have you been told any of the following? Surgery will not (or has not) help, you        have a soft tissue problem, something is pressing on a nerve, your problem is degenerative
    1. Yes – 5 Points
    2. No – 0 Points

The Pain Test Results Explained

Great! You’ve taken the Pain Test and you’ve gotten a score.  Here’s what that result

  • If your score is 27 – 50, it’s very likely that you have Diversion Pain Syndrome and that the ZPN Process  can help you get free from pain.  If you scored 27 or higher on The Pain Test click here for a special message from Adam Heller, creator of the Zero Pain Now Pain Elimination Program:  Click to hear Adam’s message
  • If your score is 15-26, it’s still likely that you have Diversion Pain Syndrome and that the ZPN Process  can help you get free from pain.
  • If your score is 0-14 it’s not too likely that you have Diversion Pain Syndrome and it’s not too likely that the ZPN Process will help you get free from pain. But  I would still be happy to speak with you to see if I can help because the The Pain Test is a good screening tool but it’s not perfect.

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