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You know how you or someone you know can’t do what they love due to chronic pain? I fix that!

Eliminating Chronic Physical & Emotional Pain Using Mindfulness and Mind-Body Techniques – Pain Elimination Not Pain Management

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Michael Amendolara, MD
(Pain Relief Specialist)

If you’ve been in pain for a long time you may still be able to eliminate that pain completely

Chronic pain can often be eliminated completely even if you’ve been suffering for months, years or decades.  Many forms of chronic physical pain can be eliminated quickly and easily, once and for all, if you know how.  And many types of chronic emotional pain or areas of life you’re dissatisfied with can also be resolved much quicker and easier than you’ve imagined possible.

It’s all about Freedom and getting your life back!

I’m here to do exactly you get free from pain and get your life back.  I use the Zero Pain Now Process that enables people suffering from chronic physical pain to eliminate their once and for all.  It works for the vast majority of chronic pain syndromes.  I also use very advanced psychological techniques, called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help people overcome emotional pain and to make very big changes in their lives quickly and easily. I’m here to help you get free from whatever is holding you back.

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of the most common types of physical pain that can eliminated

                                                      Low Back Pain             Neuropathy
                                                    Upper Back Pain     Migraine Headaches
                                                           Neck Pain      Tension Headaches
                                                     Herniated Discs        Chronic Tendinitis
                                                        Bulging Discs         Chronic Whiplash
                                                      Spinal Stenosis             Carpal Tunnel
                                                         Fibromyalgia                TMJ Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic physical pain take The Pain Test – a brief questionnaire that will let you know if you can eliminate your pain once and for all

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End My Pain Now!

Here is a list (not exhaustive) of the most common types of emotional pain/situations that can be overcome 

                                                                  Anxiety                  Insecurities
                                                              Depression             Unhealthy Beliefs
                                                                   Fears         Lack of Success in life
                                                                 Phobias                 Fear of Flying
                                                               Addictions                Claustrophobia
                                                                Smoking                Fear of Needles
                                                              Overeating                   Compulsions

If you need help overcoming emotional pain or making changes in your life then click the link below to learn about Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Sessions

Rapid Life Change Breakthrough Sessions

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